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MOMS Club®, (MOMS Offering Moms Support®), is an international non-profit organization specifically designed for at-home mothers. Our number one purpose is to form a network of support for at-home mothers because we know you need it.


MOMS Club is not based on race, religion or income. Staying home to raise your children is a personal decision and you are not alone.  MOMS Club is here to help support that decision.


The MOMS Club of Las Cruces, NM is a wonderful way to meet other at-home moms who share your interests and concerns. We include mothers of all ages, as well as those who work out of their homes or work part and full-time.

Our organization is unique in that we welcome children in all of our activities. Most of our activities are held during the day, when at-home Moms need the most support.  Not only is MOMS Club an excellent chance to get out and meet other moms just like yourself, it is a wonderful way for you and your children to get out into the community and make some great friends!


We meet a few times a week for playdates,  we do quarterly service projects, holiday parties and more!


We have one general meeting each month to discuss the activities planned for the coming months. We publish a monthly calendar and newsletter to our members.  Attendance at activities is not mandatory, so you can be involved as often as you like or as it fits your schedule.


To learn more about this chapter feel free to explore our website. If you would like to learn more about the history of International MOMS Club®, please visit the website at www.momsclub.org

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